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Academic Enrichment


School Programs

Each lesson includes handouts, and group projects to demonstrate team work a very influencial method in  preventing bullying. As "Big Keith" toured the schools he noticed some of the underserved kids could not speak a kind word to another student. As demonstrated in one of his lessons one student says, "your outfit is cute" clearly a compliment not a kind word. Big Keith introduces kind words, I AM statements to build self esteem, and principles. Curriculmn is based on grade levels and instruction involves fun interaction so they dont feel pressure of work, but to actually enjoy while learning!

+ Character Building

+ Civility
+ Conflict -vs- Bullying
+ Creative Writing
+ Building Self Esteem

+ Community Service Learning Projects

+ Teacher Involvement Packs for sustainability

(After Bully Free Zone is established teachers are left with "Packs" to instruct on bully prevention exercises)


At the end of each session the kids will receive a certificate as a Bully Defender and closes with big school rally!



Daily After School Care

Bully Busters 702 has partnered and sits on the Advisory Board of The Las Vegas Urban League. Education Department Program Manager, Carol Santiago welcomed Big Keith with open arms. He started at the 100 Academy School of Excellence early on and soon discovered The Las Vegas Urban League had an 21st Century Afterschool Achiever's Program held daily M-T from 3:30-6:00pm. With the success he was then invited to have sessions there, and with their Summer Bridge Program funded by MGM Grand Resorts Foundation. Bully Busters 702 has been turning lights on afterschool for over three years!


His dedication to his cause actually began with The Las Vegas Urban League at The Pearson Center directed by Lou Collins. This is a Clark County owned community center for kids to hang out, be safe, and have leisure time. Of course it was an audience for "Big Keith" and his message was well received. They were very excited everyday to see Big Keith he was a role model and understood them someone they could relate to not a stuffy suit and tie guy but a down to earth male figure. Many of them came from hard backgrounds and broken homes. He quickly gave them hope and a place of peace.


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Grant Programs

Education and Recreation

The Housing Authority hired Big Keith to teach marketing and branding his speciality to parents. While he had their attention he shared the things to watch out for in their kids and how to detect bullying. Since he sits on advisory Board for Clark County he is aware of policies and procedures parents may have missed and informs them of how to handle a bullying situation properly.



In the Community Boys and Girls Clubs

Bully Busters 702 has partnered with Boys and Girls Clubs on the East Side of Las Vegas in the poverty stricken areas where kids see no way out, and only know violence. Last year he was fortunate to partner with former colleague from 88.1 KCEP Ashton Ridley to introduce a Radio Program to the kids funded by MGM Resorts Foundation through, The Las Vegas Urban League.


The kids loved it and many found their career in the broadcasting industry. Every year he has a big concert and brings out his celebrity friends and other community leaders to assist in his mission to teach, reach, and care for the kids.



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