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Keith Bowen born and raised in New York moved to Las Vegas with what he thought was his mission, to be the biggest music promoter around. With his impeccable background in radio, marketing, and media he toured with major record label Def Jam artists like Bow Wow, Omarion, and many others around the world. Big Keith definitely had his share of the fast life, and what that offers. Coming from the "Big Apple" he knew too well about big dreams, and failure which was never an option.  Rapidly his dreams became reality as his name spread in Las Vegas like wild fire as the "go to" for all entertainment needs. To his surprise God had a bigger plan for his life later to learn that was to save kids. Early in his life he experienced a tragic loss of a friend who committed suicide as a result of bullying. Big Keith knew it was his mission to change the world he vowed this would never happen on his watch no matter what he had to do.  Bowen supports his mission and inspires him daily to stay strong and steadfast in his beliefs. He Is the Creator of Bully Busters 702 operating in Las Vegas, NV for over 5 years a huge pillar in the community taking a stand on bullying.


Keith Bowen now sits on Advisory Board for Clark County School District, and Las Vegas Urban League Education and has introduced program to the City of Las Vegas in their Batteries Included Initiative. Serving now over 50 schools in Las Vegas, Bully Busters 702 program has been monumental in the behavior of students, and making a huge difference in all communities.







Bully Busters 702 created ways for students to take action against bullying through connection to an outside source, "HIM". Bully Busters 702  developed products that are proven effective such as; Free Bully Busters 702 APP available digitally for download to catch any bullying acts, Kids Have A Voice Radio Show, the Bully Busters 702 custom shoe by Radii, sock line by Happy Feet, 24 hour Bully Hotline for students, and an Action Figure. With the new addition of the “Crime Fighters” cartoon he will reach a much broader audience, and make a great impact worldwide.

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